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what we do

We simply create content that creates an awakening in the African consciousness

The power of the African continent was stolen the moment our ancestors failed to fully document their history by themselves, giving the white man the opportunity to change our history and tell it to the world in the own voice (not throw ours).

I am dedicated to educating humanity the African people (especially the African youth) to awake collectively to our true essence, spirituality and power (as black people). To move forward as a people, we must change the narratives and tell our story in our voice!
Chinedum Azurundu
Founder: Zadok Media
There's no better of learning


Truth liberates! Every lover of truth thirsts after one thing and one thing only- to discover the truth (no matter how long takes or how difficult it appears to be. That’s what their whole existence is all about.

You don’t have a life yet until you figure out the truth about who you’re. Let me educate you!

Our truth video series will be out soon

Never live in darkness any more about the truth of who you’re  Impact the world with the light of your knowledge and watch the world become safer, happier and better simply because you made a decision.